Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Everyone,
We hope all is well in Seattle, we miss everyone, I was looking at pictures From the monastery and got really homesick. We wanted to check in with sangha members and friends, we realize we didn't really talk to many of you about what we are doing here in India,  and  have talked to very few of you since we left. So if your interested keep reading : )
          It was our wish,  ever since we arrived here for the first time 2 years ago that we could somehow come back here to Dehli and be of service to this wonderful organization, Sakya Heritage Society.
    Now with the blessing of His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche and Her Eminence Dagmo Kushola, and under the direction of Dhungsey Mati Rinpoche and Dhungsey Zaya Rinpoche  we, on behalf of the Sakya Heritage Foundation have been able to come back and work  here in Delhi. We have been here for one and a half months now and have never been happier. Even with a broken leg !
 When we first arrived here we were met by many of the monks who were here the first time we came as well as 20 or so new faces.   We were also so happy to see our very good friend Jamyang Gyaltsen  who has been Managing the Phuntsok Phodrang (SHS) for many years now, our friend Thinlay Gyatlsen who has been at Jamyangla's side for all of this time, and a new friend Tashi Wangchuk who is the new office manager. Together  we are a team here in Dehli , all of us working together with our Sakya Heritage Foundation  Board and Members in Seattle and Asia to help  bring H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche's  great vision for the dharma to fruition.
What Are We Doing Here Specifically?
     Our job coming here to the Phunshok Phodrang was to be of assistance to Jamyang Gyaltsen  helping with communication and paperwork issues in order to establish a non-profit status here in India,   which we are very close to getting,  to help gain an understanding of the needs of the monks and staff living here, and  relaying this information to the Sakya Heritage Foundation board in Seattle
    We have set up the guest house getting ready for guests for His Holiness' visit this year and for next October when we hope…… incoming visitors will come from Sakya Monastery and other places as well ; )    
    Larry will be managing  several new projects, a new septic system project when funding is available, restoring this beautiful building by repairing windows, powerwashing and painting. building some cabinetry.
    Since, for those who don't know I slipped on wet pavement and broke both bones in my lower leg and fractured my ankle- when I do something I really give it my all : ).    Anyway I will be doing mostly computer work, and keeping up this blog. So that everyone who is interested can see what a wonderful place this is and all the things that happen here. By January I should be on both legs again!
       It is my hope that this blog will encourage people to take a look at what Sakya Heritage is all about and maybe even be a part of  Sakya Heritage Foundation  either in Seattle, or by  coming to visit us here in Dehli, and,  in the not too distant future, Jiagon.- Jiagon is the 13 acres of property acquired by SHS on the border of India and Bhutan where A Sakya Monastery in the Sutrayana tradition, a school that will benefit both the monks and the local Indian community, guest quarters for visitors. a medical clinic and nursing home for senior Tibetans will be built.  Many wonderful things will be happening there. High level Buddhist studies and teachings, cultural exchange programs you name it.
    I will also be researching, with Jamyangla's help, costs and accommodations for places of pilgrimage and tourist places so that we may offer visitors to SHS in  Dehli  our help and a less expensive, safe way of traveling around India.
Please see following link for more information on His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche's Vision for SHS


  1. Wow! I wondered what took you over there, and it's great to hear how you're being of such great service to the Sakyas. Teresa: oy! Are we going to get a post on the Indian medical system? Seriously, that's something I'd like to hear about. I've thought about moving overseas at some point, and health care is one of the biggest issues I grapple with. I'm particularly curious to hear how it's dealt with in India, since one of my daydreams is to be at the student health services of universities overseas -- and India is one of the countries which most interests me.

    Regardless, thanks so much for starting this blog! I'd also love to hear about Colin's education; is he going to school, or is just being in India education enough? ;o)

  2. You are the second person to ask me about the medical system, with good reason, I outta know now : ) actually I went to a nearby mission hospital. Here the fees were posted right at check in. I was so very fortunate because when we arrived the orthopedic surgeon was there and he told us that he was actually supposed to be in the U.S. but he cancelled his flight because of the big storm. This was so good for me because I don't think I could have taken any more bumpy roads to find somewhere else to go. We do know someone here, we stayed at her guest house in Dehra Dun she would know,more about the health system here I will ask her and let you know. Oh Larry says an xray and check up with an orthopedic surgeon cost At this hospital
    $ 5.00 If I would have needed a pin in my leg it would have cost less then $800, so there is an example. Teresa

  3. So nice to hear from Larry & Theresa: So sorry to hear about your fall and please consider me one of those in the future who will take heed of whatever you both learn on this particular trip. But meanwhile I still believe you can learn the Buddha's truth most readily in your own back yard *mind*