Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saga of a Slip and Fall

Okay so most of you know I broke my leg but here is the whole story in all it's gorey details,  maybe you don't want to go on from here ...... hehehe
  Just kidding not so dramatic, well kind of.
  Basically wet spot of pavement meets not so sure footed, flip flop clad, overweight woman.  and Gravity..... never a good friend of mine,  does the rest. Overweight women loses battle with concrete and  So there she sits on the wet ground surrounded a group of hungry young monks. ( they were lined up for lunch) in fact the last thought I had before going down was uh oh it's Bitter Gourd for lunch! While going down I heard the snap of my bones. Then came the long bumpy ride to the hospital. When we arrived I was so fortunate that Dr Kosi Kurien, An Orthepedic Surgeon was there. He originally was supposed to be in the U.S. but cancelled his trip because of the big storm. He is a very good doctor and I am very happy with the care I am receiving.
       I'm still not sure what the monks were thinking but when they  saw me using a walker the had this look of fear on their faces, I did too,  I aged about 30 years as soon as I put my hands on it. When when I was able to get crutches they were more at ease. They have seen crutches before. From then on every time I see the older monks they ask "YOU ARE FINE?" YOU ARE FINE?  they are all so very helpful.
        Occasionally Larry will help me out of the building and go off and do someting leaving me outside somewhere for a few minutes someone will always come by  and check to see if I have  been abandoned and need some help. Most times Larry comes back for me : )
      So now I have had several checkups and everything is great,  bones are in place I should have a smaller fiberglass cast in about 3 weeks so I can put weight on my leg and bend my knee yipee. then by early January I should be a two legged person again.


  1. Teresa, that is one impressive fracture! You got *both* of your bones! :oO I have a great PT person for you, but she's on the East Side.

    1. Yes I did do a good job didn't I Thank you for the recommendation I may need to check into that unfortunately talk to you soon! Teresa