Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Familiar Face!

We will all just have two Gulab Jamun please,
Colin will just have a donut he he he

Gillian Famous for her many many activites at the Sakya Monastery in Seattle, stayed in the guest house of the Phodrang on her brief stops between traveling with Rinpoche and Entourage and going back and forth to Nepal. Although there wasn't a lot of time to spend together it was lots of fun having her as our neighbor!  She makes a pretty good pizza too I must say.

Also everyone here would  like to thank Gillian so much for sponsoring 4 months worth of high protein mid day snacks for the monks! they get soooo hungry by 3:00 pm Thank you Gillian!


  1. Excellent! Great to hear from you all again. Your photos are wonderful and much appreciated!