Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Monks at Play : )

 Because they study hard from 6:00am till 9:00pm the rest of the week,  they are very excited on These days.  There is so much activity the trees are filled with little monks,  and others are wrestling and tying each other to the trees : ) Cricket and football and volleyball are being played by the older monks- Most of them could be pro athletes!  There is a game called Carrem that is really fun and the monks could play that all day. It is just an all around fun day even if you are just watching you can't help but feel happy and have fun.


H.E Avikrita Rinpoche also enjoys the monks holiday
                                                                  All smiles


        Playing    Carrem                                          

                In Trees

And the Monks really enjoyed the donated Puzzles ( Thank you Kathleen Ramm!) bought from our very own Dharma Shop at Sakya Monastery in Seattle : ) This one is Chenrezig.


  1. What wonderful pictures! It sounds like your trip is going well, overall. I somehow don't think you'll be using my method of last resort for getting rid of a persistent head cold; somehow, I find a gin martini from Ruth's Chris Steak House happy hour makes me just this side of happy and seems to clean out just about any bacteria in my body. The next morning I'm really dried out, but my head cold is often gone, too.

    Beyond that, what are you all doing during your off hours? Do you have any? If so, please write a post about them!

    We miss you all!

  2. You know I have never been able to drink Gin, BUT if I found a big margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim I might me tempted to try this cure but it is unlikely : (
    Our off hours we don't really do a lot basically we are hanging around the Phodrang reading or on the computer we school Colin till the afternoon but until my leg is better we really don't go very far. I am going to check tomorrow if any of the museums offer wheel chairs if so we will go visit them. But we are really lying low right now.