Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cold weather Laundry, Moonphaliwala, and those aren't Ruby slippers!

 It can be cold in India at this time of year mid 60's during the day and about 40 degrees or less at night I think Actually it is a record cold for Dehli this year (according to Yahoo ) what makes it tough is that most buildings in India have no heat and are made of concrete and lots of marble flooring so it gets a bit chilly! it has been foggy as well,  very moist and cold early on.

From our window... 
Clothes hang fruitlessly from the clothesline sometimes taking days to dry

                             But then the sun comes out and 
                                 we all climb trees  to get warm 
                                                              well some of us : )



  1. "Moonphaliwalla"? I'm thinking it should be part of the lyrics to the sequel to "Rama Lama Ding Dong." :o)

    Everybody sing!
    "Dunga wunga do dum!
    Bunga munga ho hum!
    Beat galli malla!..."
    Oh, you get the idea...

    Teresa? I have to admit that you were clever in finding a way to get Larry to do housework. However, wasn't your method a little extreme? :o)

    Seriously, Larry, you deserve some kudos. Perhaps you could use Teresa's previous cast (the white one) to beat off pickpockets.

  2. I think it can definitely be another verse in Rama Lama Ding dong and yes my methods are a bit extreme but Larry can be pretty clever so if I didn't go all the way and break my leg he would have caught on to my plan, and it would be me in the picture wearing Colin's shower shoes and no one needs to see that! : )