Monday, February 25, 2013

Visiting Teachers

     Our monks here at SHS have  inquiring minds and a voracious hunger to learn.  So you can imagine how happy they were  to have two teachers visit the Phodrang and offer their knowledge and skills.  Lhamo Dhondup to teach  Tibetan grammar, and Michael Madrone teaching English Grammar.

        Lhamo Dhondup

Lhamo Dhondup was only able to stay for a short period of time due to his own ongoing education. Because of this,  his time here was very special. The monks happily attended his classes during Losar, when they  usually have extra time off from their studies.

Michael Madrone presently lives in Italy but you may have seen him at the Sakya Monastery in Seattle.  He teaches English as a profession.

I have to say, I was also very happy to have Michael here.  These super bright students in the English class I have been teaching   had some very tough questions for me. Like "What is the Past Perfect participle?" or the "Present Progressive?) Yikes too tough for me!!!! So thank you so much Michael for helping with that !!!!! along with your help with some teaching ideas and a great reference book for others that come here to teach English.

As a side note:
 Sponsoring a teacher is a truly  wonderful way to help these amazing young monks! if anyone is interested please contact the Sakya Heritage Society website

                                                Kunga Yeshe in English class

PS> I should mention that we have an incredible full time teacher on staff here as well as the visiting teachers his name is Genla Sonam Wangchen. Please stay tuned for a photo, he is very hard to catch!!! very busy : )

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