Friday, November 30, 2012

Colin's Education Continued

   Colin has his ups and downs living here. When he thinks about missing Christmas, friends, family and our two cats,  things like that, he really misses home but generally he is having a good time.
       He plays with the monks almost constantly when he and they are out of class. He attends one Tibetan writing class with the monks and then our homeschool curriculum we brought from Seattle. We will be studying Indian history starting this coming week and he is doing great learning Hindi with the Rosetta Stone program.  Coming here for Colin will be an experience he will appreciate and never forget I am sure. He is building lasting friendships with the young monks here And he is comfortable around others speaking a different language then his own and being in a culture different from his own. This I believe is so important. One less barrier between himself and others. 
   I think this is also a very good exchange for the young monks as well.
Colin may not know or appreciate all this yet but he will,  we are pretty sure : )
Well, we are all looking forward to doing some sightseeing when my leg gets better. So that will be lots of fun too.  Maybe we will even get to the Taj Mahal? maybe, not sure.

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  1. Hang in there Colin. Sounds like you getting a great education and having some fun too!