Friday, November 30, 2012

Sangha Member Kim Abbey visits the Phodrang

    We were all so happy That Kim could add a side trip to The Phodrang on her way to Nepal
 We had lots of fun visiting  local places like the Tibetan colony, Majnu Ka tilla, Qutab Minar which is a huge minaret in the city And of course Dilli Haat- great shopping for crafts around India But most of all we had fun hanging out together.
Kim also was very kind to have purchased 50 or so pairs of croc like shoes for all the monks and teachers.  They were so happy, these are the monks favorite warm weather shoes.

Shoe shopping Team

Me, Thinlay, and Jamyangla and of course Kim (taking the picture)

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  1. Hey, according to Rinpoche, she's one of the four dakinis since they sponsored a Medicine Buddha empowerment! How wonderful that she was able to visit and to give something to useful to the monks.